Dust off your party horns and get ready to ring in the New Year and celebrate the 4th Anniversary of with a brand new video AND audio release,! We present Phish’s December 29th, 1997 performance at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY (with crystal clear, mastered soundboard audio) as the next installment in the on going LivePhish Audio and LivePhish Video series.

Continuing into 2007 in true fashion, we will routinely offer you hand-picked shows, made available in both Audio and Video formats. All audio releases will be mastered and video will be synched to soundboard reference audio. Download the full show MP3s ($9.95) or FLAC files ($12.95) or fourteen videos (available for purchase both individually at $1.99 or as a complete set for $19.95). The videos will play on any player that supports MPEG-4, and users can freely transfer videos onto popular portable video players, including Apple’s video iPod and the Creative Zen Vision. for a complete tracklisting or to purchase Audio and Video at