Phish - 1992

Syracuse Armory
Syracuse, NY, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was an all ages show. During the jam in Split Open and Melt, the band was conjuring bits and pieces of other songs, specifically Uncle Pen. During Guelah Papyrus – as the band paused before Guelah (The Fly), a fan jumped on stage and hugged Mike. Security removed her as Trey commented “that was Mike’s mother coming up so he could wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.” Mike replied “Happy Mother’s Day Mom.” This exchange was followed by Fall Down and The Simpsons secret language and then Guelah (The Fly). During I Didn’t Know, Trey introduced Mimi Fishman, saying “you may have seen her wandering around the parking lot, you may have seen her in the Syracuse record store standing around the Phish section. Ladies and gentlemen, for a Happy Mother’s Day gift we’re about to have Henrietta’s Mother do the ceremonial Mother’s Day vacuum cleaner solo.” Mimi replied “aren’t they great…all my sons and their great crew who makes them look so good.” After procrastinating for a while with childhood stories about Fish, Mimi finally joined her boy Henrietta in a vacuum duet. Mike delivered the alternative lyric “Pardon me Mimi” and Mimi filled in, “is this a picture of Otis Redding.” The Harpua narration included The Simpsons secret language (twice) and Harpua walking through a suburban neighborhood “Squaretown” where he encounters Jimmy “a typical American teen listening to the typical American rock song and watching his MTV video” which the illustrated with a tease of Smells Like Teen Spirit. Cracklin’ Rosie was dedicated to Mimi by Fish “this is dedicated to my mother on Mother’s Day – one of her used-to-be-favorite Neil Diamond songs…”