Phish - 1990

Fly Me To The Moon Saloon
Telluride, CO, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This venue was initially listed in the March/April 1990 Phish Update as The Zephyr Club in Salt Lake City, but instead turned into the 1st night of a 2-night stand in Telluride. After The Divided Sky opener, Trey said “this is our first time in Telluride in two years so we’re pretty psyched. Can you see Page?” (referring to the fact that Page was set up in an unusually hidden spot at The Moon). Trey was suffering from some intestinal problems during this show and had to excuse himself at least once mid-show. After You Enjoy Myself, he said “we’re gonna get our drummer out here while i visit the bathroom.” Fish piped up “he’s been drinking that imported mexican water.” This setlist was adopted from fan sources and Mike Lynch’s notes.