An Update for Curveball Ticket Holders

We’re all still reeling from the effects of the Curveball cancellation, and we know you are as well. We understand the commitment one makes in attending an event like this: from the logistical planning, to the time taken off from work, to the significant expense incurred that cannot be recovered (beyond the cost of tickets — see below re: refunds). We deeply appreciate you, our fan community, for your understanding and for making the best of a difficult situation. We want to recognize artists, crew, vendors, volunteers and everyone who had been working on the festival, some for months in advance, to share their talents with you. Additionally, we want to send our appreciation and support to the people of Watkins Glen who welcomed us and are now themselves dealing with the effects of the flooding in their homes and businesses.

As the festival team continues to address the Curveball we’ve all been thrown, we want to update you on a few things that we’re working on and we will send further details once they’ve been finalized.

Refunds: Everyone who purchased wristbands, vehicle passes, travel or rental packages via the official ticketing provider (Front Gate Tickets) will receive a full refund of ticket price, service fees and shipping automatically. Refunds will go back to the original buyer’s credit card account. We appreciate your patience while we work through this process. Anyone who purchased on secondary markets or did person-to-person trades/sales should seek a refund at their point of purchase.

Dick’s Webcasts: Starting tomorrow, all Curveball ticket holders will be able to redeem the code on their wristbands at to watch the webcast of all three shows at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, CO over Labor Day Weekend.

Merchandise: The severe flooding in the region didn’t only affect us. It wreaked havoc across a 14 county area. We will be a launching a Curveball merchandise store very soon and donating the proceeds to flood relief and recovery. The store will include Curveball t-shirts, LE posters and other items (including the Nalgene water bottles intended for our CurveWater program). Curveball ticket holders will have first access to the store once live.