PHISH is pleased to announce the donation of eight pieces of concert art and memorabilia from its archives to benefit two non-profit organizations in their hometown of Burlington, VT. The recipients of the art pieces, Burlington City Arts (BCA) and the South End Business and Arts Association (SEABA), will auction off the art starting November 8th.

Six of the eight pieces are signs created as part of PHISH’s "IT" festival held August 2 + 3, 2003 in Limestone, Maine. The signs were part of an elaborate art installation known as "Sunk City", a lost city of sorts, located in the forested area behind the concert venue. Sunk City depicted an urban cityscape where only the tops of once tall builds still emerged from an overgrown forest. Sunk City, and the signs being offered for auction are memorialized in a recent PBS special and the 2-DVD "IT" set, which was just released in stores. The pieces were later displayed at SEABA’s South End Burlington Art Hop in 2003 and 2004.

The other two pieces were props used at "COVENTRY", Phish’s last festival, held August 14 + 15, 2004 in Coventry, Vermont. They were later displayed at SEABA’s South End Burlington Art Hop in 2004.

The IT pieces were designed by Burlington artists Lars Fisk and Scott Campbell with wording provided by Phish bassist Mike Gordon. The Coventry pieces were designed by Lars Fisk, Scott Lenhardt, and John Marius aka "Yolk".

The ten-day auction will begin on Monday, November 8th at noon PST and run through noon PST on Thursday, November 18th at Yahoo! Auctions. The auction site is located here: . Specific questions about the pieces can be addressed to:

The items for bid are as follows:
1. "U Knead It" Sign from Sunk City at IT
2. "Squeez It" sign from Sunk City at IT
3. "Look" sign from Sunk City at IT
4. "Here Now" sign from Sunk City at IT
5. "Fiz-Nit" sign from Sunk City at IT
6. "The Rit-z Ho(tel)" sign from Sunk City at IT
7. "Chicken Bike" moving sculpture from Coventry
8. "Pimped Out Portalet" accessorized portalet on trailer from Coventry

As mentioned above, all of the IT art pieces are featured in the program and packaging for "PHISH: IT" the 2-DVD set chronicling the festival. The DVD set includes the original 90-minute feature program that aired on PBS in August, plus over 150 extra minutes of additional uncut performance footage, additional interview segments and an extensive photo gallery. To order the DVD go to . For more information on the DVD, or to see video clips, check out