Boo! Did we scare you? Before you polish off another mini-candy bar, be sure to pick up Colorado ’88, a three-CD set of recordings compiled from Phish’s seminal tour of the Rocky Mountain State, available now EXCLUSIVELY at and

Mastered from the original analog cassette tapes, Colorado ’88 contains recordings of songs that, until now, have not been widely traded or heard with such clarity. Several of the tracks found in the collection have never before appeared on an official Phish release.

LivePhish is also offering the entire release for track-by-track download, along with five bonus tracks unavailable elsewhere. The bonus download tracks include:

– Sanity (8/5/88)
– Dog Log (8/4/88)
– Big Black Furry Creature From Mars (7/28/88)
– Slave To The Traffic Light (7/30/88)
– Harry Hood (8/3/88)