Coventry Refund Update

At long last, we have an update regarding the free downloads and the signed Danny Clinch photo books for those of you who were unable to attend the Coventry shows.

We have an accurate list of everyone who purchased tickets through Ticketmaster or Phish Tickets but did not get some or all of the tickets from their order ripped in Coventry. Everyone on this list will automatically receive a free signed photo book and free Coventry download for each unripped ticket from your order, regardless of whether you choose to send the unripped ticket(s) in for refund. If you purchased your tickets on the secondary market (Ebay, trade, broker, etc.) you must send your unripped ticket(s) to Coventry Refunds ( by October 15th if you wish to receive your free download(s) and book(s). Be sure to include your email address and mailing address so that we can correspond with you regarding the free download(s) and mail you the book(s).

We will send an email directly to each purchaser of record on the aforementioned list by Oct. 1 that has detailed instructions on how to obtain free download(s). Please email us at if you don’t receive an email by Oct. 2nd. Please allow a few more days if you are waiting on US Mail. If you didn’t include an email address at the time of purchase we will mail you the same information contained in the email. The email will contain a link that will direct you to an online form. You will be asked to provide us with email addresses for each person in your party holding an unripped ticket. Once the form is submitted an account will be automatically created for each person and the Coventry show will be put into your account(s) and available for download. If you already have a account, Coventry will automatically be put into your Stash. If you have already purchased Coventry, you will receive a refund. If you have already purchased the entire Summer Tour, you will receive two shows (in the catalog) of your choice.

The signed photo books will be ready to ship in November. The book(s) will be shipped to the address provided by each credit card holder who originally purchased the ticket(s) from Phish Tickets or Ticketmaster. If your address has changed since the time of your purchase, please send an email to with your new address. For those who purchased tickets on the secondary market: if you send your ticket(s) in for a refund by October 15th, the book(s) will be shipped to the address you provided for your refund.