Fishman Marches For The Environment

Fish is now a featured Virtual Marcher for “Stop Global Warming”.

He marches virtually alongside Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Sen. John McCain, Al Gore, Walter Cronkite, Sen. Hillary Clinton, Gov. Schwarzenegger, James Taylor, Laurie and Larry David and many more concerned representatives and citizens.

"I am marching because it is clear that the planet is getting warmer and warmer. Human activity is primarily responsible for it and if we don’t do something to address it we will be in for progressively harder times worldwide. I would like to be among those who attempt to correct the problem rather than try to ignore it as so many of our current leaders and citizens do. The march will help create the necessary awareness to force the problem to be acknowledged by America’s political leaders who are in denial about global warming. This is truly a case of all being in the same boat together whether we like it or not."

– Jon Fishman