Live Bait Vol. 8 Available For Free

The countdown to the second leg of Phish’s 2012 Summer Tour is underway. August 15th is just around the corner, so what a better way to celebrate past Phish performances than with a new edition of Live Bait at, now available as a free MP3 download. Pass the link around and share with your friends.

To download for FREE, click here.

Live Bait Vol. 8 Track Listing

1. Run Like An Antelope > BBFCFM > Run Like An Antelope (5/16/94 LA, CA)
2. Bathtub Gin (6/23/00 Atlanta, GA)
3. Simple (10/26/96 Charlotte, NC)
4. Buried Alive (7/29/98 Maryland Heights, MO)
5. Halley’s Comet > Slave To The Traffic Light (8/6/93 Cincinnati, OH)
6. Tweezer (9/3/11 Commerce City, CO)