Live Phish Showcase in Stores

With the retail release of LP 06 , the first wave of the Live Phish releases is now complete.

In the future, all six releases will be released at one time. The terrorist attacks in September delayed the shipment of a large quantity of raw materials used in creating the packaging for the series, and we got the series out as quickly as we could.

In addition to being sold separately, LP 06 is also being sold in stores with the Showcase, a deluxe custom-designed CD carrying case from Case Logic. As the Showcase has already been detailed here in previous emailings, please visit for more info. The Showcase can be purchased by itself ONLY from Phish Dry Goods (the entire series is also available):

A quick clarification: In an interview with Trey published in the Rocky Mountain News on October 26, the reporter had stated that ‘fans voted’ on some of the releases. In fact, this is not true. As has been reported elsewhere, the band was ultimately responsible for choosing the first six releases and will continue to be the final arbiters of future picks. In the interview, Trey refers to fans’ picks — these are suggestions that have come to us via email and to posts on Phish discussion groups that have been passed on to the band. We’ve received many constructive suggestions from fans, and those will undoubtedly play an influential role in the choice of future Live Phish releases.