LIVE PHISH to debut this September

We are pleased to finally be able to announce the release date of the first wave of the LIVE PHISH series, which will consist of six complete, multi-CD concert albums to be released every six months.

The first batch of six albums will arrive this fall, with the first five released in stores September 18 and the sixth coming in early October. The band commissioned longtime Phish artist Jim Pollock to create cover art for the series; when the six individual packages are arranged together, they form one large, panoramic illustration. All releases were mastered from Phish sound engineer Paul Languedoc’s original two-track soundboard mixes.

The shows:

LIVE PHISH 01 (2 cds)
Broome County Forum
Binghamton, New York

LIVE PHISH 02 (3 cds)
Sugarbush Summerstage
North Fayston, Vermont

LIVE PHISH 03 (3 cds)
Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
Darien Center, New York

LIVE PHISH 04 (3 cds)
Drum Logos
Fukuoka, Japan

LIVE PHISH 05 (3 cds)
Alpine Valley Music Theater
East Troy, Wisconsin

LIVE PHISH 06 (3 cds)
The Centrum
Worcester, Massachusetts

The LIVE PHISH series will feature innovative packaging modeled after the way Phish fans collect and organize the band’s live shows. The CDs will be in premium metallic paperboard slipcases; discs are held in a folded vinyl inner sleeve with four pockets — three holding discs (two in LIVE PHISH 01), one holding a four-page booklet. When removed, the vinyl inner sleeve can be unfolded and inserted directly into the custom-designed ShowCase, a deluxe 3-ring CD organizer manufactured by Case Logic, for easy storage and portability.

The ShowCase will be packaged with LIVE PHISH 06 when it is released in stores in early October; LIVE PHISH 06 will also be available separately. The ShowCase will be available by itself exclusively from Phish Dry Goods. For more information on the packaging, please visit Phish Dry Goods at