INHD2, the 24/7 Hi-Definition TV Network, is airing Phish IT, the about Phish’s 2003 festival in Limestone, Maine. Shot in breathtaking high-definition video, the program combines exclusive interviews interwoven with live material. The program was produced by an award-winning production team, including producer/director Mary Wharton, 2003 Grammy award-winner for her documentary "Legend" on the life of singer Sam Cooke and the editing team of Thom Zimny, who won an Emmy for his work on Bruce Springsteen’s "Live in New York City" and editor Alex Hall. The concert footage was directed by Eli Tishberg, a veteran of several Phish projects and who also recently directed Phish’s Keyspan Park theater simulcast in June. Also part of the production team is sound engineer and five-time Grammy Award winner Elliot Scheiner, a pioneer in 5.1 technology, who mixed both the stereo and surround sound tracks.

Below is a list of upcoming showtimes. Please check INHD’s for more information. We expect additional showings to be added over the next couple of weeks.

INHD2 – October 27th at 11PM EST
INHD2 – October 29th at 10AM EST
INHD2 – October 29th at 5PM EST