Jim Pollock will be making the final limited edition festival poster for Coventry.

Due to the expected large demand for this poster, we will NOT be selling these (or any other limited edition poster) at Coventry. Instead, they will only be available online from Phish Dry Goods. As it’s the last tour poster we want to do our best to ensure that everyone who wants one will be able to get one. The size of the print run will be determined by the number of orders that are received. We will print as many posters as are ordered by Friday July 30 OR until we hit the maximum number (dictated by the printing press and Jim Pollock’s ability to sign them).

The poster is designed, printed and signed by Jim Pollock. Art for the posters is hand-carved on linoleum blocks and printed on a Heidelberg Letterpress. The posters will be numbered by Dry Goods. To order go to