Album Notes

Recorded live December 31st, 1995 at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY.

Recorded by Paul Languedoc.

Phish Touring Crew:
Tour Manager/Accountant: Richard Glasgow
Production Coordinator: Brad Sands
Production Manager: Hank McHugh
Front of House Engineer: Paul Languedoc
Lighting Designer: Chris Kuroda
Monitor Engineer: Peter Schall
Security Director: John Langenstein
Venue Security: Connie Jones
Keyboard Technician/Stage Manager: Kevin Brown
Drum Technician: Pete Carini
Guitar Technician: Steve Dikun
Audio Crew Chief: Bob Neumann
Audio Technicians: Peter Luther, Dean Roney
Lighting Crew Chief: Brent Lipp
Lighting Technician: Julian Watkins, Jennifer Womack, David Heard
Moving Lights Technicians: Leigh Fordham, Mark Vincent
Rigger: Dennis Jones
Merchandising: Amy Skelton, Tim Ehrlich
Band Assistant: Eric Larson
Band Bus Driver: Dominic Placco
Crew Bus Drivers: Jim Wiley, James Lowry, Larry Fullam
Truck Drivers: Tom Lehew, Chris Knorr, John Crawford, Mark Frantz
Catering: Lisa Sharpe, Kim Vanloon, Johnny Lynch
Greenpeace: Mike Hayes, Henry Schwab
Photography: C. Taylor Crothers

Tom Marshall, vocals on “Shine.”
Mixed by Elliot Scheiner at Eyeball, October 2005
Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering, October 2005

Phish Office: Julia Mordaunt, Beth Montuori Rowles

Technical and Production Assistance by Pete Carini, Alberto F. Santamaria, Jared Slomoff.
Phish Archivist: Kevin Shapiro

A+R Supervision: Mason Williams
Product Manager: Kenny Nemes
Editorial Supervision: Sheryl Farber
Art Direction: Jean Krikorian, Julia Mordaunt
Packaging Supervision: Scott Webber, Maria McKenna
Package Design: Jean Krikorian
Business Affairs: Rachel Bickerton
Project Assistance: Steve Woolard

Business Management: Burton Goldstein & Co., Danyael Lipsius
1995 Dionysian Productions: John Paluska, Shelly Culbertson, Jason Colton, Beth Montuori, Karen Linehan
1995 Phish Mail Order: Cynthia Brown, Craig McKenzie, Jamie Landry

Special Thanks: Chris McGregor, J.W. Nickel and Rocket Science, Jennifer Brown, Brian McKenna, Ben Collette, Everyone at Madison Square Garden.