Trey Anastasio

One Man’s Trash

Released Oct 27, 1998 (Available on CD)

Album Notes

Written, performed and produced by Trey Anastasio

All songs recorded at The Fungus Factory and the Barn
Horns recorded at Chuck Eller Studios

Artwork by Gerrit Gollner

Additional musicians:

Quantegy: Jon Fishman (right speaker drum set, squealing synth), Page McConnell (Fender Rhodes)
Mister Completely: Jon Fishman (second drum set)
At The Barbecue: James Harvey (trombone), Dave Grippo (alto sax), Jennifer Hartswick (trumpet)
And Your Little Dog Too: Tom Marshall and Jon Fishman (vocals and jungle sounds)

Thank You:
Mike Larson
Matt Larson
Gordie Mayo
Randy Morrill
Junior Drinkwine
Lars Allen

All songs published by Who Is She? Music, BMI
© 1998 Trey Anastasio.
All Rights Reserved