Album Notes

Jon Fishman – drums / vocals
Trey Anastasio – guitars / vocals
Mike Gordon – bass / vocals
Page McConnell – keyboards / vocals

Tracks 1, 2, 5, 8:
originally appeared on Hoist (Elektra 61628)
Produced by Paul Fox
Recorded and Mixed by Ed Thacker
Allison Krauss: additional vocals on If I Could
Béla Fleck: banjo on Scent of a Mule
The Richard Green Fourteen: strings on If I Could
Rose Stone & Jean McClain:
backing vocals on Down with Disease

Track 3:
originally appeared on Junta (Elektra 61413)
Produced by Phish
Recorded and Mixed by Gordon Hookaloo

Tracks 4, 7:
originally appeared on Rift (61433)
Produced by Barry Beckett for Beckett Productions
Recorded by Kevin Halpin
Mixed by Justin Niebank
Gordon Stone: pedal steel on Fast Enough For You

Track 6:
originally appeared on Lawn Boy (Elektra 61275)
Produced by Phish
Recorded and Mixed by Dan Archer
Christine Lynch: additional vocals
Joseph Sommerville, Jr.: trumpet
Dave Grippo: alto sax
Russell B. Remington: tenor sax

Tracks 9, 10, 11:
originally appeared on A Live One (Elektra 61777)
Produced by Phish
Recorded by Paul Languedoc
Mixed by Ed Thacker
The Giant Country Horns on Gumbo:
Peter Apfelbaum: tenor saxophone
Carl Gerhard: trumpet
Dave Grippo: alto saxophone
James Harvey: trombone
Michael Ray: trumpet

Art Direction & Design: Jager Di Paola Kemp
Cover Photography: Danny Clinch
Booklet Photography: C. Taylor Crothers
Management: John Paluska, Dionysian Productions

All songs published by Who Is She? Music, BMI. All rights reserved.