Album Notes

Recorded Live July 30, 1997 and July 20, 1998 at Ventura County Fairgrounds, Ventura, CA

Audio Recorded by Paul Languedoc

Mixed by Jon Altschiller
Assisted by Danielle Warman
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian at Kevorkian Mastering March/April 2013.
Post-Production by Kevin Shapiro
Technical Assistance by Ben Collette
Illustration by LandLand
Art Direction by Julia Mordaunt

Management by Coran Capshaw for Red Light Management with Jason Colton and Patrick Jordan

1997 & 1998 Management by John Paluska for Dionysian Productions with Shelly Culbertson, Jason Colton, Beth Montuori Rowles, and Megan Saver

Phish Inc., is Beth Montuori Rowles, Kevin Shapiro, Julia Mordaunt, and Ben Collette


Richard Glasgow – Tour Manager / Tour Accountant

Brad Sands – Road Manager
Hadden Hippsley – Production Manager
Paul Languedoc – Front of House Engineer
Chris Kuroda – Lighting Director
Mark Bradley – Monitor Engineer
Mark Reinke – Stage Manager
Kevin Brown – Keyboard Tech
Brian Brown – Guitar Tech
Peter J. Carini – Drum Tech
Paul Ingwersen – Rigger
Kit Blanchard — Ground Rigger (Summer 1998)
Eric Larson – Band Assistant
John Langenstein – Security Director
Bart Butler – Venue Security
Jimi Stout – Production Assistant
Bob Neumann – Audio Tech
Peter Luther – Audio Tech
Paulo Rodrigues – Audio Tech
Julian Watkins – Lighting Tech
Gary Radakovich – Lighting Tech
Dave Heard – Lighting Tech
Tavi Black – Lighting Tech
Brian Dyck – Lighting Tech
Roger Pujol – Lighting Tech
Leigh Fordham – Lighting Tech
Scott Faraday – Merchandise (Summer 1998)
Tim Ehrlich – Merchandise
Terry Ruchotzke – Merchandise
Lisa Sharpe – Catering (Summer 1998)
Johnny Lynch – Catering
Amy Derminer – Catering (Summer 1998)
Albert Lovelace – Catering
Kim Vanloon – Catering (Summer 1997)
Katie Sullivan – Catering (Summer 1997)
Dominick Placco – Band Bus Driver
Jim Dole – Crew Bus Driver
Jim Lowry – Crew Bus Driver (Summer 1998)
Wayne Jackson – Crew Bus Driver (Summer 1997)
Tim Olson – Crew Bus Driver
Greg Atkinson – Truck Driver
Richard Everitt – Truck Driver
Kevin McMahon – Truck Driver
Jack Crawford – Truck Driver
Dan Difiglia – Truck Driver
Mike Hayes – WaterWheel Foundation
Henry Schwab – WaterWheel Foundation
Shane Johnson — Green Crew