Dr. Gabel

© by Who Is She? Music, Inc (BMI)

I sat down and talked with Dr. Gabel
Laid my cards down on the table
Broke through the lies to find another fable
I sat down and talked with Dr. Gabel

Doctor help me figure out this mess
It’s hard to handle all this stress
Sometimes it’s tough to make it through the day
You tell me everything will be okay

The situation’s gotten out of hand
It’s time to find a better action plan
I know there are some things I need to change
The problem is the world’s a bit deranged

Doctor will you help me change my ways?
Will you help me glue this broken vase?
With words of wisdom valid and concise
I appreciate your fine advice
Dr. Gabel

I feel some things are out of my control
At times I’ve dug myself into a hole
Though  I gotta say without a doubt
You have really helped me work things out

I dug down deep to get things off my chest
It’s been a struggle as you might have guessed
No need to harp on things we can’t undo
Try to see it all from a brand new point of view

And even if you’ve fallen off your horse
Gotta get right back up again of course
There’s no time for anger or for blame
It sure is nice to be back in the game

Sure is nice to be back in the game