If I Told You

© Keyed Music, BMI.

If I told you that I’d never leave
If the feelings I could retrieve
If emotions reveal themselves
If I don’t put them back on the shelves

All along I have
Sung a song
That has gone through motions
Without emotions
I’ve traveled roads that I’d never seen
As I’ve watched events splash across the screen

If the crypts could let down their walls
If the pyramid doors dissolved
If the conflict that’s not resolved
Was tossed around like a medicine ball

Dark horizons could open wide
And a little light that could
Start to shine on it
But for now I’m just keeping stride
‘Til I figure out if I’m on this ride
Hopefulness keeps the ship on line
Honest work keeps the pain off my mind
Openness to the future to be
Overall what I’m hoping to see
‘Til that day
It’s still on its way
But I hope to stay
If the wind should change

But I know that I’m looking out the door
Guess I’ll see what I’m waiting for

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