Kill Devil Falls

© Who Is She? Music, BMI

Just got back from Kill Devil Falls
Draped my water-logged clothes in the hall
Reach for a beer, glad that I’m here
When I realize that you’re not around

Turned on some music and then the tv
Go through the pile of mail waiting for me
Something I spied makes me pull it aside
A letter from your hometown

How could you leave me?
You heard what I said
I’d be at the waterfall clearing my head
Soaking up nature and thinking of you
And leaving’s the last thing I thought you would do
I didn’t plan to stop at the bar
But Kill Devil Falls is really so far
Who knew a day would turn into a week
But I learned my lesson
And I can still remember the last one
But this time will be different
Until I do it again

Stared at the ceiling for over a day
But none of my questions are answered this way
Won’t make any calls
I’ll just bounce off the walls

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