Mock Song

© Who Is She? Music, BMI

Zither, Rachel, Cardamom, Frost – But at what cost?
Threshold, Skin, Fortress, Win – A life of sin
Pliers, Tension, Toy Store, Grace – The human race
Raking, Fourteen, Basket, Screw – Now how ’bout you?
Passion, Cardboard, Raisin, Stop – A better crop
Field, Cater, Open, New – Who’s mocking who?
It’s just a mock song…

Gas, Thirsty, Rattle, Tick – A bone to pick
Fountain, Egg, Treason, Cave – Will you dance on grave?
Throat, Carrot, Meeting, Choke -I got that joke
Temper, Thistle, Rodney, Wilt – The house I built
Fewer, Pink, Kyle, Ball – I’ve known them all
Penny, Thistle, Cell Phone, Blow – Reap what you sow
Because it’s just a mock song
Call it what you will.