Twenty Years Later

© Who Is She? Music, BMI

I can hold my breath for a minute or so
Five days without food is as long as I’ll go
I didn’t sleep once for four days and three nights
I once didn’t stop for seven red lights
I jumped into water that’s fifty degrees
I rowed in a kayak in thirty-foot seas
I stayed in the woods for a week with a knife
A flint when I lost it nearly cost me my life
Twenty years later…
I’m still upside down

It’s a small world
And it’s turning real fast
Here upside down
It’s a new day
And the mourning has passed
Turned upside down
It’s a short road
But the mountains are tall
Land upside down
It’s a small world
But we all start out small

I hurtle through air though I feel I’m alone
I stick with the others to the skin of the stone
I stop for a stranger just to give him a lift
I cling like a lizard to the side of the cliff
I treat every minute like an hour and then
It seems like a year has just flashed by again
We build a foundation but where do we stand
When all air is water and all water is land
Twenty years later…
I’m still upside down

Feel it turning in circles
And you’re never the same again
Spin slowly while sounds cascade
And became
I’m here upside down

Inside this silent scene
All are free, all are free
Second time around

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