Phish - Sun, 1995-12-31 Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden
New York, NY, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

purchase the entire show as FLAC or MP3 audio downloads, or purchase video downloads of single songsRunaway Jim with Trey on his own percussion kit during the jamThe video clips were shot by Eric Larson with one camera at the front-of-house mix position. They were intended for archival purposes only, so it’s especially exciting to be able to deliver them here starting 1/5/05 as our first online video. The video was later transferred, sync’d to audio and encoded by Jared Slomoff and Kevin Shapiro.Widely regarded as one of Phish’s finest live performances and named one of the “Greatest Concerts of the ’90s” by RollingStone, Phish celebrates the 10 Year Anniversary of their 12/31/95 performance with the release of the entire concert on CDs are also available in stores and at Phish Dry Goods.”The years just keep sliding by.” Trey said it best during Fly Famous Mockingbird. Phish stormed Madison Square Garden on their annual holiday tour for a night of music, myth, theater and celebration. The Deluxe 3-CD set includes the complete three-set show (27 tracks and more than three and a half hours of music).