Phish first visited beautiful Nebraska on October 21, 1995 for the eighteenth show of their epic 58-show fall tour. We’re pleased to add the video AND audio of their Pershing Auditorium in Lincoln, Nebraska show to the growing catalog (with crystal clear, mastered soundboard audio) as the next installment in the on going LivePhish Audio and LivePhish Video series.

An added bonus, this landmark show is available on CD (exclusively at at Phish Dry Goods) with filler from the soundcheck. Lincoln also marks the first Live Phish Video release to maximize the iPod’s video capabilities (having doubled our video resolution; this video is encoded at 640×480 @ 1.5Mbps) for exceptional viewing pleasure on any device.

The last four archive releases (08/13/93, 11/14/95, 12/1/95, and 12/29/97) are now available on CD with bonus tracks where space permits. We’ve also created special bundles to purchase CDs and MP3s together for a discounted price, as well as discounted CD and Video downloads, plus FLAC and Video download discounts. The discounts are available when you add items to your shopping cart. We will continuously expand the number of shows available over time from the catalog. for a complete tracklisting.