Evolve, Phish’s 16th studio album, Out July 12

Evolve, Phish’s 16th studio album, drops July 12. It is available for pre-order now at Phish Dry Goods. The latest single from the album, “Oblivion”, is now streaming everywhere.

Evolve was recorded in the fall of 2023 at the band’s Vermont recording studio The Barn, and was produced by Vance Powell and Bryce Goggin. True to Phish’s unique creative process, the album’s songs (including the already released “Evolve” and “Oblivion”) were selected from arrangements shaped by the band’s dynamic live performances. Some, like the fan-favorite “A Wave Of Hope”, have become springboards for Phish’s most soaring improvisation. Throughout, the songcraft and production are confident and taut, with Phish’s distinct musical language on vivid display; still pushing boundaries, still very much continuing to evolve. The cover of the album and gatefold feature paintings by Mehdi Ghadyanloo. The track “The Well” is only available on the vinyl version of the album.

Phish Dry Goods has three different exclusive pressings of Evolve available for pre-order, including a “Crimson Robed Edition” (neon-pink/maroon colored wax), “Pillow Jets Edition” (transparent/blue colored wax), and an “Eco-Onyx Gates” 180g Audiophile Edition pressed on recycled eco-black wax. T-shirts and hats are available.

Pre-order Evolve now at

Evolve Tracklist

1. Hey Stranger 4:47
2. Oblivion 6:03
3. Evolve 4:12
4. A Wave Of Hope 5:04
5. Pillow Jets 5:57
6. Lonely Trip 6:00
7. Life Saving Gun 4:25
8. Monsters 5:15
9. Ether Edge 4:06
10. Human Nature 2:54
11. Valdese 3:36
12. The Well 4:30*
13. Mercy 4:11

*track available only on the vinyl version.