6/20/95 Blossom Music Center Joins Catalog

Phish has released 6/20/95 Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, OH as the next remastered show to join the ongoing LivePhish Archives collection. The release was created from Paul Languedoc’s DAT stereo soundboard mix remastered by Fred Kevorkian and contains three and a half hours of music totaling just 25 songs.

It was hot and humid on Tuesday June 20, 1995 – the night after the Summer Solstice – when Phish played their first headline show at Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Phish had played Blossom once before in 1992 opening for Santana but this time they sold more than half of the 18,000 tickets to the eleventh show of a 22-show summer tour.

Blossom ’95 was a barn burner, kicking off with a Llama opener followed by Spock’s Brain – the 4th of of 5 played in summer 1995 before the song was shelved until 2000. Set I also featured Bathtub Gin with a pogo-stick tension jam that the band rode right over the cliff. Taste and I Didn’t Know followed and Trey introduced Fish during I Didn’t Know as “the only living layer that’s fueling this living layer.” A deep and crazy Split Open And Melt closed set I as Fish deconstructed the beat, breaking up the jam in a demented tick-tock vibe that led to a taste of Dave’s Energy Guide and some huge drums and bass.

Set II opened with Halley’s Comet > Chalk Dust Torture, with some incendiary full-band jamming (and another taste of DEG) during Chalk. The major highlight of the show was centered on the jaw-dropping, first-ever combination of Mike’s Song > Contact > Weekapaug Groove. This Mike’s is must-hear, primal Phish that culminated in a spooky pulsating drone accentuated by sirens and Fish’s maniacal giggling.

The icing on the cake of the 6/20/95 Blossom release is the filler from the next show – the entire second set from 6/22/95 at Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center in Canandaigua, New York. The show is available now at:,773/Phish-mp3-flac-download-6-20-1995-Blossom-Music-Center-Cuyahoga-Falls-OH.html