Announcing 12/31/91 Worcester Memorial Auditorium at

Last night during Phish’s Madison Square Garden performance, we unleashed the latest release in the ongoing Phish Archives collection. We’re excited to present
12/31/91 from The Worcester Memorial Auditorium, in Worcester, MA

The 3-set download (also available as an on demand 3-CD set at is the
first matrix release from
(pooling both Soundboard and Audience sources from current LivePhish remote engineer Jon Altschiller). The release celebrates more than three hours of Phish and is mastered by Fred Kevorkian.

With a stated capacity of 4,000, The New Aud was the largest indoor venue the band had played at the time. Phish had a busy year in 1991, signing a record deal with Elektra and touring coast to coast for a total of more than 130 shows including a fourteen-show Horn Tour with a three-piece horn section and the first official Phish festival at Amy’s Farm.

The New Aud show saw a number of new additions to the band’s repertoire, most notably the debut of Marjorie Minkin’s new 8-panel, painted lexan (plexiglass) backdrop replacing her original canvas piece the band had used to catch lighting
designer Chris Kuroda’s work.

The New Aud release demonstrates a creative peak before a record crowd that was treated to a spectacular show in an especially inspiring setting. The three-set New Year’s Eve show became a hallmark of Phish’s year – a ritual that has occurred nearly every year the band has been active.

The New Aud also began the Moore’s law of Phish New Year’s gigs, a customary doubling of capacity until the venues couldn’t hold any more and elevating the New Year’s tradition into legendary status. This release from, captures the electric energy of Phish’s special New Year’s Eve performances for veterans and new generations alike.

To download, click here.