Mike Gordon’s ‘Steamroller Wheelies: A Restoration Convoy’ Available Now

Steamroller Wheelies: A Restoration Convoy is a compilation of collaborations between Mike Gordon and a smattering of fellow musicians; all of whom wanted to contribute to Vermont flood recovery. It is available NOW as a download at and for pre-order on CD at Phish Dry Goods.

The tracks were collected and compiled by Mike from various projects he’s either developed or participated in over the years, beginning in 1999. All proceeds from Steamroller Wheelies will be directed towards recovery efforts, to help restore Vermont after the devastating effects of Hurricane Irene in 2011.

“The repairing of Vermont is about bringing different kinds of people together, so I wanted to do that musically with this group of tracks that were recorded over the years with interesting and unique musicians, but not widely released to the public,” says Gordon.

Participating musicians include Phish bandmates Page McConnell and Jon Fishman, Marco Benevento, Joe Russo, Chris Thile, Little Feat, Danny Barnes, Russell Batiste, Fonzworth Bentley, Scott Murawski, Oteil Burbridge and others. A complete list of musicians and track info can be found here.

“My entire career was based on moving to Vermont and embracing the magnificent Green Mountain vibes that infused Phish with its sound. Since our success story started with Vermont, it’s natural that we immediately started contributing to the recovery efforts after Hurricane Irene. I wanted to make a personal contribution. Steamroller Wheelies gives some songs a home while helping to rebuild Vermont homes, roads, and bridges.”

Click here to download now or visit Phish Dry Goods to pick up the CD. The CD version is limited to one printing and Dry Goods is offering a shipping deal for only for $3.99.

Steamroller Wheelies: A Restoration Convoy Tracklist

1. Hang Glide (Written by Mike Gordon)
2. Go Down Swingin’ (Written by Danny Barnes)
3. Sideways (Written by Mike Gordon and Joe Linitz)
4. This Land Is Your Land (Written by Woody Guthrie)
5. Walking On Ipe (Written by Fonzworth Bentley)
6. Crumblin’ Bones (Written by Tom Cleary)
7. Beam Me Up, Toto (Written by Chris Barron, Mike Gordon)
8. Short Circuit (Written by Mike Gordon, Scott Murawski, Joe Linitz)
9. Wham Bam Boodle (Written by Gary Gazaway)
10. Hokey Pokey (Traditional)