New The Story Of The Ghost Vinyl Pressing

Phish’s seventh studio album, The Story of the Ghost, will be available on vinyl at Phish Dry Goods as a new 2-LP vinyl set, in new colors (red and black).

The album was recorded between March 1997 and June 1998 at upstate New York’s Bearsville Studios and at Dave O’s Farmhouse near Stowe, Vermont. The sessions began just after Phish returned from Europe, where they recorded the live album Slip Stitch and Pass. They built upon that live ethos at Bearsville, recording first takes to highlight group improvisation and culling the best segments. The band then gathered during Vermont’s ’98 mud season for the Ghost/Meat sessions, adding vocal melodies. The tracks with “enthusiastic unanimity” from the whole band made the cut for post-Island Tour tracking and overdubs at Bearsville, and most have remained live staples ever since.

The Story of the Ghost was produced and mixed by Andy Wallace using tracks recorded by engineers Chris Shaw and John Siket, and by the the band themselves. In March 2019, Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering cut new lacquers for the updated vinyl edition from the digital flat masters. Order today.

The Story of the Ghost 2-LP Vinyl Tracklist
Side A
1. Ghost (3:51)
2. Birds Of A Feather (4:51)
3. Meat (2:39)

Side B
4. Guyute (8:26)
5. Fikus (2:20)
6. Shafty (2:21)

Side C
7. Limb By Limb (3:32)
8. Frankie Says (3:08)
9. Brian And Robert (3:03)
10. Water In The Sky (2:28)

Side D
11. Roggae (2:59)
12. Wading In The Velvet Sea (4:29)
13. The Moma Dance (4:28)
14. End Of Session (1:54)