PHISH.COM 3.0 Live and Kicking

Welcome to the third coming of

Nearly seven years to the day when we first hung out our virtual shingle, is now a full grown adult (in web years). Fully loaded, with all the options, there’s some serious data flowing through this beaut.

We had great response with the ‘From the Road’ feature on the Trey Anastasio website and have added it to the navigation on the new Phish site. Though we can’t guarantee we’ll beat fan sites to the punch, we’ll put up setlists from each show as soon as we get the official word. In addition, we’ll have road musings, audio, video and photos coming in from band and crew on a regular basis.

The Official Releases section is finally online, with all of the band’s audio and video releases, including the Live Phish series. Each album includes lyrics, audio samples, and links. We plan to add video footage and photo galleries for some of the releases in the weeks ahead.

If you’ve got your geek on, you’ll appreciate our RSS feeds. Frankly, we don’t really understand what they do, but our site designers assure us that both news and tourdates have RSS feeds you can subscribe to read in any RSS Newsreader.

We pushed the site live to coincide with the start of Phish’s summer tour, but we can’t guarantee that it’s fully bug-free…yet. PC users shouldn’t have a problem, but if you’re on a Mac (and we’re all on Macs here at Phish HQ), consider viewing the site on the or browsers for best results (MAC OSX required). It will run on Internet Explorer for the Mac, but the ride will be smoother on Safari. if you notice anything really bizarre happening, or even have suggestions, drop us a line at