Step Into The Freezer at Bader Field

For the first time ever, we’re opening the doors to The Freezer, an official Phish Archive merch store, at Bader Field. The Freezer will feature a number of shirts, hard goods, fleece, tanks and posters from Phish’s past, available for purchase. All are original items from the band’s collection, and not reprints (some fun keywords: Aquaman, Grape Jam, Pollock, Lotus, Udder Ball, Buddha Boy, Robot, Schvice, Oswego) . They include items from 1995-2000 and are extremely limited (we’re talking 4-5 of each style). The WaterWheel Foundation will be the recipient of a percentage of all sales in The Freezer.

Everything in The Freezer has been archivally stored and preserved. In addition to Ts, we’ll be offering a very limited number of rare posters from the Phish Archives (again, all part of their original runs; NOT reprints), including posters from Phish’s 97 & 98 Europe Tours, Madison Square Garden 98-99 and 97-98, Halloween 98 and others. These posters will be available in very limited quantities and we’re expecting them to go fast. We’ll also have a very limited number of Junta on vinyl available at The Freezer (from the original RSD pressing of 5,000).

Doors open at 5PM and lots at 2PM each day. More info, including ticketing info can be found at