The Glurt Institute, The Laboratory & The Drive-In at Magnaball

A few steps from the concert field, aspiring scientists are invited to visit the campus of the Glurt Institute, a campus of laboratories devoted to the ultra-terrestrial sciences. Look for the tubular interconnectors, a high pressure system that delivers energy to each lab (please report any leaking splurtage).

Here you can observe the workings of the Gravity Harmonograph, monitor the growth of cubical crystallization and participate directly with experiments on perception-impaired primates.

In 1977, starry-eyed dropouts from the Institute broke off and built their own far-flung annex, The Laboratory, in (what is now) the back of the concert field. These radicals explore magnaphysics with experiments in fractal tunneling, memory-scape trips and tintype exposures in makeshift facilities that encircle their own power source: the vortex pendulum. Carve out some time during your weekend for a proper visit to the Glurt Institute and the Lab.

Adjacent to the Glurt campus, you’ll find The Drive-In. There’s really no way to miss it – it’s a 175-foot widescreen cinematic beauty that will come to life from sundown to sunrise. Be sure to pop your head in now and again – there are a lot of different visual delights on tap. On Thursday, it’s Movie Night! Join us for a few classics from the golden age of Drive-In cinema.

10 pm: The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953)
Midnight: First Men in the Moon (1964)
2 am: The Time Machine (1960)

Late Night Friday
3:45 am: Sullivan’s Travels (1942)