‘Trey Anastasio’ Album To Be Released

Trey’s touring band provided the foundation for tracks from his upcoming self-titled album, due out in North America on April 30 on Elektra Entertainment.

Release dates in Europe and Japan are still being finalized. The album, Trey’s first major-label solo outing, also includes special appearances from noted jazz trumpeter Nicholas Payton and former Morphine saxophonist Dana Colley. A string quartet and a full orchestra also augment several tracks. The album was coproduced by Trey and Bryce Goggin (who also co-produced Farmhhouse with Trey). “Alive Again” is the first single, and will be shipped to radio stations later this month.

The definitive track listing is as follows:

Track listing:
1. Alive Again
2. Cayman Review
3. Push On ‘Til the Day
4. Night Speaks to a Woman
5. Flock of Words
6. Money, Love and Change
7. Drifting
8. At the Gazebo
9. Mr. Completely
10. Ray Dawn Balloon
11. Last Tube
12. Ether Sunday

The album is currently available for pre-order from PHISH DRY GOODS. Although we cannot guarantee delivery before the official release date, we will do everything possible to get orders to people before then. To place a preorder, follows the link: