*TREY ANASTASIO* Released as 5.1 DVD Audio October 1

Trey’s debut album was released on April 30. After we put the album out, mixer Toby Wright approached us with the idea of creating a special DVD-Audio with Advanced Resolution 5.1 Surround sound.

Toby has created his own Surround Sound process, known as “Mixlab”, and applied it to Trey’s album, remixing it track by track.

Advanced Resolution DVD-Audio provides for an excellent listening experience. With a sampling rate and bit depth that at least doubles the resolution for the current CD standard, DVD-Audio discs deliver sound quality that is significantly closer to the master recording than is possible with CDs. DVD-Audio’s most outstanding feature — surround sound — opens up the sound field, giving Toby and Trey a wider palette to use in presenting the music.

You’ll need a DVD-Audio or DVD Audio/Video player to fully experience the Advanced Resolution sound. DVD-Video only players are capable of playing the Dolby stereo mix and a Dolby Digital surround mix (if you have a system with Surround sound).

The album will be available at stores that sell DVD-Audio October 1, and is currently available for pre-order from Phish Dry Goods: