We’re still recovering up here at Phish HQ from last weekend’s festival up in Northern Maine.

Many many thanks from all of us to those of you who made the unforgettable journey to Limestone.

We’re in the process of gathering photos from our festival photographers and hope to launch some galleries within the next week or so on Also, our friends at have created a special IT Archive section with dozens of links to articles and photos that have been published. Check out the archive at:

In response to overwhelming demand, we are pleased to announce the release of the Sound Check and Tower Jam from this past weekend at It. You may purchase the entire weekend of music (that’s 10 CD’s worth!) as one package for $23.90 MP3 or $29.90 FLAC at

Phish played an extended soundcheck late Friday night as thousands were stuck in traffic waiting to get into the festival grounds. Also, at 2 AM late Saturday night, Phish magically appeared atop the control tower of the former Air Force Base and played an improvisational set while the tower was bathed in lights and dancers on rappel lines swirled in sync with the music and lights.

These two bonus discs worth of music are now available free to all Live Phish users who have already purchased the entire summer tour or purchased both days of It individually.

Special thanks to Chris McGregor, of Stage II Design and Production in San Francisco, who designed and lit the special Tower Set, and our good friends at Project Bandaloop (, who rappelled from the top of the tower.

As many saw in the flesh this past weekend, the winning It design featured our old friend Johnny on the Spot (the humble Port-o-Let). This integral part of a multi-day festival was captured by art-school student William J Smith of Savannah Georgia. Once again we thank all 857 entrants for participating in the contest. We have created a gallery of the best designs on the web site at We unfortunately ran out of most It merchandise (including the winning design) before the bell tolled. More of some of the items are available for order at Dry Goods at (Sorry, no more It posters, but we do have mugs, magnets, sweatshirts, and a couple of the Ts.)

For those of you that weren’t there, or slept in on Sunday morning, over 2,500 runners, almost all of them clothed, ran the 3.1 mile course on the tarmac. Let’s hear it for the winners, who joined the band on stage on Sunday evening to pick up the Limestone Cup and be recognized for their need for speed. Special thanks to the Caribou High School Athletic Department and Track Coach for helping us organize the race.

1. Justin Easter
Presque Isle, Maine

2. Chris Powers
Muncie, Indiana

3. Scott Sargrad
Glenside, Pennsylvania

1. Ann Clemens
Albuquerque, New Mexico

2. Lindey Parker-Waters
Richmond, VT

3. Darleen Mein
Reno, Nevada

Thanks to everyone that participated in our Clean Vibes Raffle. Our CV team is still up in Maine restoring the site to pre-IT quality, but we’ve posted a list of the winners on the IT web site at . All prizes will be mailed to the winners over the next two months.