Album Notes

Trey Anastasio, guitar
Jon Fishman, drums
Mike Gordon, bass
Page McConnell, keyboards
Carl Gerhard, trumpet on "Cavern” and "Tubthumping."
Tom Marshall, vocals on "Tubthumping."

Recorded live at the Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, Virginia, November 20 and 21, 1998.
Recorded and mixed live to two track by Paul Languedoc.
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, September 1999

Design: the eSTABlishment, JDK
Cover and Sleeve Photography: C. Taylor Crothers
Insert Photography: Bart Stephens, Michael McNamara, Peter Sitzman, Carl Brooks, Neehar Parikh

Office Staff:
Cythia Brown, Jason Colton, Shelly Culbertson, Jamie Ingerman, Craig McKenzie, Beth Montuori, Megan Saver, Kevin Shapiro, Amy Skelton.

Management: John Paluska/Dionysian Productions.

Special Thanks to: Wilson Howard, Rob Manley and Bobby Melatti at Cellar Door, Joe Tsao and the staff at Hampton Coliseum

Tour Personnel:

Richard Glasgow, Tour Manager
Brad Sands. Road Manager
Hadden Hippsley, Production Manager
Paul Languedoc, Front of House Engineer
Chris Kuroda, Lighting Designer
Mark Bradley, Monitor Engineer
Mark Reinke, Stage Manager
Kevin Brown, Keyboard Tech
Brian Brown, Guitar Tech
Pete Carini, Drum Tech
Kit Blanchard and Paul Ingwerson, Riggers
Eric Larson, Chiropractor
John Langenstein, Security Director
Bart Butler, Venue Security Director
Jimi Stout, Production Assistant
Bob Neumann, Audio Crew Chief
Paolo Rodrigues and Peter Luther, Audio Technicians
Julian Watkins, Lighting Crew Chief
Gary Radakovich, Dave Heard, Tavi Black, Brian Dyck, Roger Pujol and Leigh Fordham, Lighting Crew
Tim Ehrlich an Scott Faraday, Merchandise
Lisa Sharpe, Johnny Lynch, Jenny Craven and Albert Lovelace, Caterers
Dominic Placco, Band Bus Driver.
Jim Dole, Jim Lowry and Alan Demonbreum, Crew Bus Drivers
Gregg Atkinson, Richard and Henry Schwab, Waterwheel Foundation
Shane Johnson, Green Crew