Mike Gordon

Outside Out

Released Nov 9, 2000 (Available on DVD, VHS)

Album Notes

Cactus Unlimited presents OUTSIDE OUT
Starring: Jimi Stout and Col. Bruce Hampton, Ret.
Co-starring: Ashley Scott Shamp, Elena McSherry, Rick Valyou, Jr., Ree Hartwell, Elizabeth Combs Beglin and Mike Gordon

Co-producers: Ed Dooley, Chris Kissinger, Chris McClure, John Paluska
Original Score by Mike Gordon
Art Direction by Priscilla Foster Gordon
Produced by Jeff Lawson
Written and Directed by Mike Gordon

DVD Menu Design by Matt Strauss
DVD Authoring by ResoDirect
DVD Box Design by Brett Hughes
Additional Design by Faith Livak
Cover/Poster Photography by Michael Sipe

Color/83 Mins.
© 2000. Cactus Unlimited