Waking Up Dead

Who Is She? Music, Inc

Woke up on the wrong side
Atrophied throughout
Dreamt with open eyes
I was vacuuming about
In a straight line
A very straight line

Each new morning I awake
With clouds around my bed
Gut the walls and pipes
Then vacuum out my head
In a straight mind
A very straight mind

Vacu-uming… Waking up dead

In the kitchen stands a man
In a backlit halo glow
Wears a darkened smile
Is there something I should know?
Something all consuming
All consuming

Vacu-uming…. Waking Up Dead

I feel the suction rev
As I waltz the vacuum arm
End to end it sucks itself
And pulls me with its charm
Morning in a vortex
Noon I squint my eyes
You peak inside my empty shell
A memory in disguise

The tree outside is upside down
My head hangs off the bed
They say I’m just a pair of lungs
Connected by a thread

I’m presuming, the end is looming

In trouble when I put my foot down
And try to have a voice
In trouble when I kindly back down
And let you have your choice
My soul was sucked out in the ether
Just about half past nine
My carcass went out drinkin’
At closing time.