Phish - Sat, 1993-02-20 The Roxy

The Roxy
Atlanta, GA, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

Order CD Box Set or Download MP3 and FLAC of all 3 shows hereBrand new 8-CD box set, showcasing three complete shows – fully mastered soundboard recordings, with six sets of music, featuring seventy-eight unique songs with three special guests. Recorded Live February 19th, 20th and 21st, 1993, this run at the intimate Roxy Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia set the stage for many classic tripartite celebrations to follow. With the second show’s near-instant legendary status cemented among fans due largely to a non-stop thriller of a second set which included feats of rock and roll greatness, including a sit-in by a spurious Gene Simmons, At The Roxy captures a magical moment for Phish and their audience during a period of peak songwriting and experimentation.Over three nights, the band showcased the full spectrum of their talents from ballads to blues, from master composition to fearless improvisation all simmered and served to a small crew of jubilant participants in a near perfect environment. At the same time, the quartet was experimenting with their acoustic, bluegrass side that peaked over the next several years and provided a perfect baffle to the intense, psychedelic rock of Rift-era Phish.The 8-CD box set is the first complete multiple-show release since Hampton Comes Alive and the 1998 Island Tour. This collection simply must be heard.2/20/93 TRACK LISTDISC FOUR1. Golgi Apparatus (5:19)2. Foam (8:50)3. The Sloth (3:43)4. Possum (10:21)5. Weigh (5:04)6. All Things Reconsidered (2:48)7. The Divided Sky (13:33)8. The Horse (1:38)9. Silent In The Morning (5:09)10. Fluffhead (14:20)11. Cavern (4:44)DISC FIVE1. Wilson (7:21)2. Reba (13:35)3. Tweezer (5:29)4. Walk Away (3:41)5. Tweezer (1:44)6. Glide (4:43)7. Mike’s Song (7:57)8. My Mind’s Got A Mind Of Its Own (1:09)9. Mike’s Song (0:49)10. I Am Hydrogen (0:28)11. Vibration Of Life (0:59)12. Kung (1:38)13. I Am Hydrogen (2:59)14. Weekapaug Groove (2:58)15. Have Mercy (1:54)16. Weekapaug Groove (1:01)17. Rock And Roll All Night (0:53)18. Weekapaug Groove (1:32)DISC SIX1. Fast Enough For You (5:09)2. Big Ball Jam (2:46)3. HYHU Terrapin HYHU (12:37)4. Harry Hood (13:10)5. Tweezer Reprise (3:51)6. Sleeping Monkey (6:32)