Phish - 1993

Roxy Theatre
Atlanta, GA, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was the second show of a 3-night stand at The Roxy.  Before the show the band made a promotional appearance at a local record store to sign copies of “Rift”.  It is interesting to note that Weigh and All Things Reconsidered in set I were played in their native order from “Rift”.  Trey played The Horse on acoustic guitar.  Set II of this show raised the bar for the sort of spirited experimentation that only Phish is capable of.  The set II opener, Wilson, contained The Simpsons secret language and a deep jam with teases of Iron Man.  Reba included a tease of the Woody Woodpecker Theme as well as hints of Stash and The LIzards.  Tweezer included a Low Rider jam, doubly intertwined with Walk Away (played for the 1st time in over a year, since 11/2/91) and Glide and featured a “Straight From The Sewer” rap.  Mike’s Song included some alternate lyrics, teases of Tweezer and Wilson plus deft hints of Reba, The Lizards and Stash.  I Am Hydrogen merged with the Vibration Of Life (with Mike’s addition of the 1st performance of N2O) and Kung and a little more N2O before Weekapaug Groove led to the first public performance of Have Mercy in almost seven and half years (since 10/31/86) which in turn returned to Weekapaug.  At that point, fan Jay von Lehe – dressed in a convincing Gene Simmons costume too good to ignore – was brought on stage to join the band in singing their 1st performance of  Rock And Roll All Nite (Kiss cover).  During Terrapin, Fish introduced the band and, after being urged forward by Page, blew a long vacuum solo.  This show circulated quickly after the band made it available via: tape trees and instantly became of the most popularly traded Phish shows of all time.  This entire run of three Roxy Theatre shows was released in 2008 as an 8-CD box set entitled Phish At The Roxy.