Phish - 1993

Cheel Arena, Clarkson University
Potsdam, NY, United States map

Set List

Sound Check

Set I

Set II


Show Notes

This show took place in a hockey arena with a capacity of 3,500. Tickets cost $10 for Clarkson University students and $14 for the general public. It was Earth Week and Clarkson Environmental Club was selling Earth Week ’93 cups bearing the Phish logo. The introduction before Chalk Dust Torture was delivered by an unknown emcee who began by pleading with an already rowdy audience “do not stand on your seats, they will not support your weight.” Trey played acoustic guitar for The Horse. Starting around Rift, the unruly crowd began dismantling the barricades so they could stage dive and crowd surf. This peaked around the end of set I (Sparkle-Antelope combination) by which time the stage divers had managed to literally slide the stage out of focus with the lights. This show featured the 1st performance of When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (Isaac Hayes/David Porter cover). This song was worked on extensively during soundcheck and included verses shared by Page-Mike and Trey-Fish. At the beginning of Run Like An Antelope, Trey reminded the audience not to push because people in the front were getting crushed. Amazing Grace was performed with microphones. Before Good Times Bad Times, Trey announced that this was “the closest we’ve been to home in the last three months, so we’re pretty excited about it. Anybody here from Burlington? Say hi to Nectar for us when you get home there tomorrow, we’ll be there in about two weeks.”