Phish - 1993

The Edge
Orlando, FL, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s 1st show in Orlando – they played at The Edge, a nightclub with a capacity of about 1,600.  It was Mardi Gras.  Trey played the beginning of My Friend My Friend on acoustic guitar.  There was some evil laughing from the band during the Split Open And Melt jam.  After Lawn Boy, Page repeatedly thanked the audience and said “that was a special song for you folks in Orlando.”  Run Like An Antelope included The Simpsons and Fall Down secret language as well as Trey’s now-classic “Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do, we’ll be right back” ending.  Trey shouted out to “Leo” before keyboard solos in Paul And Silas and My Sweet One.  Trey also added some extra vocal harmonics to Stash, which developed into an almost Wedge-like breakdown before segueing into The Lizards.  For the first time in about two and a half years (since 10/5/90), the beginning of I Am Hydrogen included the lyrics, “I walk awakening on the misty fields of forever.”  Weekapaug Groove sandwiched the 1st public performance of Nellie Kane.  During Terrapin, Fish explained that he was about to play “the very slow, laid back version” of a Syd Barrett song and would play his 1967 Electrolux Workhorse” vacuum.  He also used his moment in the spotlight to introuduce Paul (“making it sound so damn good this evening”) and Chris who he jokingly accused of ruining the whole show.  After Hold Your Head Up, Trey and Page introduced Fish, running through essentially every nickname they ever gave him.  This rendition of Sweet Adeline was performed with microphones.  Poor Heart featured some especially active Fish vocals and testimony.  The following day was a day off during which the band and crew visited Disney World and “Space Mountain (highest peak in Florida)”.