Phish - 1993

American Theatre
St. Louis, MO, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This show took place in a historic Beaux Arts style theater built in 1917 with a capacity of 1,750.  It was Phish’s first performance at the American.  Flyers advertising the show advertised “a special dance floor set up” and tickets cost $17.  The soundcheck included a St. Louis blues version of Dog Log.  It’s Ice featured Trey and Mike “skating” on their Slide Board Balance Trainers while Page teased the Star Trek Theme.  A potent Stash led into the show’s first Kung (with Dave’s Energy Guide) before seguing back into Stash.  A demented The Horse/Kung mashup followed with Trey on acoustic guitar and chanting, along with Fish, the show’s second Kung – with added German words and accents.  This Kung was interspersed with The Horse culminating in “we MUST stage a runaway golfcart marathon!”, a full-band tease of Pinball Wizard (The Who cover) and Fish’s return to Kung.  A deft Harry Hood tease led back to The Horse in its “usual” form.  Set II began with Trey’s announcement that his friend Roger (Holloway) was at the show and wanted to ask a question. Roger then proposed onstage to his now-wife Jennifer, who accepted as the band broke into AC/DC Bag with extra accent on the “just like Roger he’s a crazy little kid” lyric.  AC/DC Bag also included teases of My Woman From Tokyo (Deep Purple cover).  You Enjoy Myself book-ended the tour’s second Spooky and the lengthy YEM vocal jam included teases of the Jeopardy! Theme.  Harpua’s narration was about dream thieves and included teases of Dream Weaver (Gary Wright cover), the Jetsons Theme (Hoyt Curtin cover) and The End (The Doors cover).  Trey dedicated Contact to Roger and Jen, together “on the road of life.”  The Apr/May 93 Phish Update had listed 4/15 as a possible second show at the American, but it turned out to be a well-deserved day off for the band and crew. This show and the next American Theatre show on 8/16/93 will be released from the archives in March 2017 as the “St. Louis ’93” box set.