Phish - 1993

Meadow Brook Music Theater, Oakland University
Rochester Hills, MI, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

Though it was their 1st headline performance there, this was Phish’s second and last show at Meadow Brook. The soundcheck included an extremely slow and ethereal rendition of Including Your Own “Hey” which segued into Funky Bitch that was sung by Trey and infused with Including Your Own “Hey”. This rendition of Split Open And Melt truly split wide open to explore previously unimaginable musical space. The Horse was played on acoustic guitar. This rendition of Tweezer developed into a reggae jam and, with the help of Get Back secret language, quickly transformed into a quick reprise of The Landlady and back to the end of Tweezer with a conclusion of The Simpsons secret language. Possum included a tease of Tweezer Reprise. The encore featured the summer’s first performance of Fire. Free Bird was performed with microphones. Around the time of this show, Paul made his wishes clear that tapers needed to stay in the reserved taping section (usually beside the soundboard) so he and Chris Kuroda could maintain the unobstructed view of the band needed to do their jobs. After this show the band and crew traveled 339 miles overnight to Indianapolis, Indiana.