Phish - 1993

Starwood Amphitheater
Antioch, TN, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s 1st show at Starwood Amphitheater, but they didn’t play in the main amphitheater.  Instead they played “The Veranda at Starwood”, which was a roped-off section of the main concessions area with a capacity of 3,000.   The handbills called it the Debut of The Starwood Plaza Party.  Reportedly only about half the tickets were sold and the show was almost canceled because of approaching thunder storms.  The soundcheck, essentially a reggae medley, included the 1st known performances of Dancing Days (Led Zeppelin cover) and Pressure Drop (Toots Hibbert cover).  This show started in a most unusual way.  Because the dressing rooms were at the bottom of the main amphitheater, the band had to be driven up to their mini-venue in golf carts.  No doubt inspired by his mode of transportation, Mike started the Contact opener wirelessly on bass from his golf cart while rolling from backstage to The Veranda stage.  Mike kept playing Contact while the band members were helped onstage, where they sang the first verse.  Trey played The Horse on acoustic guitar, having switched during the end of the Tweezer jam.  He started this rendition of The Horse by echoing a bit of the Tweezer jam on acoustic.  Fluffhead ended with Trey on acoustic guitar, which he used to segue into the acoustic beginning of My Friend My Friend.  Amazing Grace was performed with microphones.