Phish - 1993

State Theater
New Brunswick, NJ, United States map

Set List

Sound Check

Set I

Set II


Show Notes

This show took place venue was a historic movie/vaudeville house opened in 1921 with a capacity of about 1,800. The soundcheck featured the 1st known performances of Mustang Sally in almost five years (since 8/5/88) and of Camel Walk in more than a year (since 4/21/92 soundcheck). During Camel Walk, Fish said they were singing it because it was James Brown’s birthday. Buried Alive began with a Page piano intro. Trey ended Weigh with a Woody Woodpecker tease and The Esther intro included Random Note secret language. Trey’s mischievous narration during Fly Famous Mockingbird convinced the audience that Paul was pumping nerve gas into the venue through the air vents so they would not recall their journey to Gamehendge. The Vibration Of Life was included in the narration to activate the gas before the return to Fly Famous Mockingbird, during which Page teased New York New York and the Theme from Star Trek. Possum’s intro subsequently included teases of Fly Famous Mockingbird. It’s Ice featured Trey and Mike “skating” on their Slide Board Balance Trainers. Tweezer included an I Feel The Earth Move (a cover by New Jerseyan Carole King) jam and a slick segue in and out of Manteca. During Love You, Page teased Blue Monk and Fish launched into a particularly long set of crew introductions for which the band punished him with an extra round of Hold Your Head Up before his vacuum solo. During Hold Your Head Up, Trey introduced Fish as Henrietta Tubman. Memories and Amazing Grace were performed A capella without microphones.