Phish - 1993

Greek Theatre, University of California
Berkeley, CA, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s 1st performance at the William Randolph Hearst Greek Theatre, a historic (opened in 1903) Greek Revival amphitheatre overlooking the the San Francisco Bay with a capacity of 8,500. The last soundcheck of summer was split with J.J. Cale’s trio, who played two songs (Deep Dark Dungeon and Borrowed Time) after Phish’s soundcheck. J.J. Cale was the opening act and Mike sat in on bass with his trio for the last few songs of his set: Call Me The Breeze, Cocaine, Crazy Mama and After Midnight. After Foam, Trey thanked J.J. for opening and noted that he wrote all the songs he played in his set. Ginseng Sullivan was performed with Trey on acoustic guitar, Mike on upright bass, Page on piano and Fish on Madonna washboard. Trey introduced Fish afterward as Henrietta. Crimes Of The Mind featured The Dude of Life in his first West Coast appearance. Run Like An Antelope included teases of The Brady Bunch Theme and The Simpsons secret language. As he had all tour, Trey played The Horse on acoustic guitar. It’s Ice featured Trey and Mike “skating” on their Slide Board Balance Trainers as well as Random Note, Fall Down, and Oom Pah Pah secret language. You Enjoy Myself book-ended the most complete Oye Como Va jam so far and the vocal jam was based on Contact, which began amidst it. During Daniel Saw The Stone, the band introduced and thanked every member of the crew. Amazing Grace was performed without microphones. Trey stopped monitor engineer Pete Schall from bringing them out, saying “this place was built for acoustics so we’re going to try to do this without the mics despite the large size of the crowd here…sorry Pete for carrying those all the way out here…We’ll have to be real quiet…this would be the biggest room we’ve ever attempted this in, so let’s try it.” As the band ended Chalk Dust Torture Trey said “thank you very much, it’s been a great tour, see you guys next…New Year’s Eve or something.” After this show, the promoter Bill Graham Presents threw an invitation-only, Summer 1993 End of Tour Extravaganza where the band presented the crew with tour gifts and celebrated a tour that was recognized even at the time as a pinnacle achievement. This was the last Phish show until the holiday tour. In September, the Fall 1993 Phish Update/Doniac Schvice (“From the tongue to the Schvice, A Dionysian/Phish Publication”) announced the 4-show holiday tour and read in part: “Welcome to the first edition of Doniac Schvice, the new moniker for the newsletter. This will be the final newsletter for 1993. The next newsletter will be out in early 1994 and will contain preliminary details for the spring tour and extensive information regarding the as yet untitled new album. The band is hard at work in Los Angeles as this goes to press and the reports from the studio are extremely positive. As of now there are nine brand new songs that have never been played live. The album is tentatively due to be released on March 15, 1994; the next newletter will announce the definite release date. The tour should begin sometime mid-April and will continue off and on throughout the rest of 1994. Misc. note: the New Years shows will be sold in a 360 degree configuration to meet increased demand for tickets, please remember this when buying tickets.” The Fall 1993 Doniac Schvice also contained new Taper Ticket Info: “For the four holiday shows, there will be a section of seats reserved for taping. For the reserved seating shows, in New Haven and Worcester, these seats will be available by mail order only. The mail order at this time will be for tapers’ tickets only; if it goes well, we hope to expand to offering regular tickets in the future – but that’s not happening yet. Only a limited number of seats will be held for this mail order. These seats will be directly behind the soundboard and the view from them will be somewhat obstructed. So that there will be enough taping seats for the folks who actually need them, please don’t order these tickets unless you intend to tape. A taper’s ticket will be required in order to bring recording equipment into the show…Thank you for your cooperation with our efforts to accommodate taping at Phish shows; we hope that this approach will work out well for everyone.”