Phish - 1993

New Orleans, LA, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was the second show of a 2-night stand at the house that Fess built. It was also Phish’s fifth and last show at Tipitina’s. The Introductions before each set were delivered by somebody from Tipitina’s. The combination of Lawn Boy and Cavern to close set I featured Carl “Gears” Gerhard joining the band on trumpet. Trey said “we’re now going to bring up our second special guest of the weekend…we are very, very happy to welcome an original member of the Giant Country Horns currently living in New Orleans, Carl “Gears” Gerhard.” Page added “we’re very happy to have Carl here with us tonight. We’re very happy to have you all with us tonight.” Reportedly, Brad Sands ran the strobe lights for Mike’s Song and his notes indicate that Toph used his fog machines to “awesome” effect this night. Sweet Adeline was performed without microphones. The next day was a day off for the band and crew to travel the 517 miles to Dallas.