Phish - 1993

Electric Ballroom
Knoxville, TN, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This show took place in a converted warehouse-turned-ballroom with a capacity of about 1,000. The soundcheck featured the 1st known performance of Quinn The Eskimo in more than five and a half years (since 8/10/87). Coincidentally, Quinn was not performed publicly for another five and a half years. Soundcheck also saw some banter about the Fishman late-for-the-bus bet and about “the new song” Sample In A Jar. Page dedicated Lawn Boy as it ended to his cousin Keith. Run Like An Antelope contained Fall Down secret language. Before Rift, Trey thanked the audience “for being here with us.” Trey dropped some lyrics during Punch You In The Eye, quickly recovered and shot out a “sorry” without missing a beat. Mike’s Song featured teases of the Inspector Gadget Theme and Another One Bites The Dust while the room filled with an overwhelming amount of smoke from Toph’s fog machines. Weekapaug Groove included some “Mike” testimony from the band. Starting in Weekapaug Groove and ending during Mound, the soundboard console shorted out due to condensation dripping onto it from the ceiling. After the soundboard started to fry, Trey and Mike continued playing electric through their monitors to end Mound as the board uttered a death shudder. Trey responded “oh my God!” and Page surmised that a drink spilled from the balcony. Trey then announced that the band had been taking barbershop quartet lessons and they would put them to use. Amazing Grace, Memories and Sweet Adeline were performed without microphones. Reportedly the band had a rubber band fight before Rocky Top before making the best of a bad situation by performing the song acoustic (without amplification) with Page on piano and Fish on trombone.