Phish - 1993

Cayuga County Fairgrounds
Weedsport, NY, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

After a few days of tech. rehearsal in Burlington with their crew (now a total of 16 people including drivers) and stage gear, Phish hit the road again.  Jim Pollock and other artists had created a variety of tour art and new merchandise.  Page had re-added his Fender Rhodes to his setup.  This was the 1st show of summer.  The venue was a dusty, sawdust-covered outdoor race track near Syracuse with a capacity of 12,000.  This was one of few shows that Phish ever took the stage at the stated showtime, which confused fans and tapers some of whom missed the start of the show.  The setlist for soundcheck was compiled from tapes in the archives and fan sources and may be slightly out of order.  This soundcheck featured the 1st known performance of Pungee (The Meters cover).  Stash included more audience clapping during Fish’s wood block breaks and featured a tease of The Little Drummer Boy near the end of the jam.  Foam included a unique series of stops and starts during the jam.  During I Didn’t Know, Trey introduced Fish by saying, “playing his first Madonna washboard solo of the summer tour…the one the only, the greatest Madonna washboard player on the planet…please give a warm welcome to Henrietta.”  This show featured the 1st public performances of Leprechaun (an ethereal instrumental that hinted at the the yet-to-be written song, Free), Daniel Saw The Stone (traditional) and the A capella version of Free Bird – a song the band had played in its more traditional electric arrangement a couple times with the most recent play almost four and a half years before (on 3/13/89).  The band only performed it A capella from this point on.  Trey played The Horse on acoustic guitar.  It’s Ice featured Trey and Mike “skating” on their Slide Board Balance Trainers.  After Chalk Dust Torture, Trey asked “what song is it you all want to hear?” and the crowd responded on-cue “Free Bird!”  The June/July 93 Phish Update read in part: “We’ll be performing alone on most dates this summer, but there may be occasions (H.O.R.D.E., etc.) where we have special guests.  Stay in touch with the hotline and for more info.  A note to concert tapers:  We are currently working on creating a formal taping section for reserved seat-venues (general admission situations are easily dealt with).  This is being worked on concurrently with mail-order ticketing, which, as expected, is looking like an uphill battle.  We ask that you cooperate with the venues this summer.  We will be doing everything we can to facilitate taping at each show, but please be patient if difficulties arise.  There have been problems with illegal merchandise over the past few months and we thought it best to explain to everyone the legalities of the situation.  Any shirt, hat, etc. that bears the name “Phish” or the Phish logo infringes the copyrights we own on the name and the logo.  Please refrain from selling any merchandise at or around Phish shows….On Thursday May 27, hours before this newsletter was going to the printing press, a bomb exploded in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence (Firenze), Italy, claiming several lives.  We’d like to express our condolences to the families of the victimes, as well as to the world at large for the destruction of the works of art contained therein.”  Phish’s Summer 1993 Crew consisted of: Mike Frelone (tour manager/accountant), Grant McAree (production manager), Paul Languedoc (foh engineer), Chris Kuroda (lighting director), Peter Schall (monitor engineer), Stuart Weissman (rigger), Dave Lawler (keyboard technician), Brad Sands (stage technician), Bob Neumann (Snow Sound – audio technician), Mark Vincent (Theatrix – lighting technician), Paul Charette (Altstar – automated lighting technician), Amy Skelton (Giant – merchandise representative), Larry Frazer (4 Seasons – crew bus driver), Don Townshend (4 Seasons – band bus driver), Rob Cane (Roadshow – semi-truck driver), Ron Morley (Roadshow – semi-truck driver).  Faht and Lifeboy from this show were released in 2011 on the I-90s bonus disc that was included with the Live in Utica DVD/CD box set.